Friday, 7 March 2014

Reducing Rubbish

Day 2 Friday 7th March 2014


My task is to reduce all the rubbish brought from supermarkets like plastic bags. Instead of putting all the groceries into the plastic bags, people should put them into the reusable    grocery bag. Why use a reusable bags? You should use reusable bags because when you come home the plastic bags will always go into the rubbish bin. However, the reusable bags can be used and reused again and again. You can reduce the amount of waste by choosing and thinking what has to be thrown into the rubbish bin or can be used again and again. Plastic bags are really dangerous to animals such as birds. Approximately 1 million sea birds die due to plastic bags and 100,000 marine animals die a year (these are the ones that are found).          

The next time you go to the supermarket remember to bring your reusable bags and you could be helping reduce alot of the rubbish and saving a massive amount of birds and marine animals.         

  Try and recycle rubbish by putting it in the recycle bins at your home or donating clothes and other useful things that you might not need, however, others desperate to have.So there is not that much rubbish and most of it is recycled and made into something else.




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