Monday, 10 March 2014


Day 4 Monday 10th March  2014


My task is to pick up any rubbish from the ground and into the nearest rubbish or recycling bin. By picking up rubbish you can help keep pollution down. If you see an empty packet of chips float past you and you don't pick it up it may float into the water and a fish or marine animal might eat it and get very ill. If deforestation continues Earth could end up looking like Mars, without water, without air and without life.

So the next time you see a piece of an empty chips packet remember to pick it up and be roll model to everyone around you and to who threw it. Littering is really awful for the environment and our earth. Trash and other waste interfere with our air to cause pollution and then acid rain which burns down our lovely trees and all our freshwater.     

What next how can we help deforestation by not cutting forest and turning them into cities. When people cut down trees plant new ones in there place.    

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